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Ideas pull the trigger and details creat the big picture.


We are all working together, That is the secret. 


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. 

About us

Instapayhealthcare services provides best in class business solutions that helps to enhance your service, compliance and recovery goals. Our solutions leveraging arbitrage and technology to produce a hybrid engagement model that permits intensive efforts to improve liquidation performance while being sensitive to customer experience and regulatory compliance. We attribute much of our success to the initial collaboration with our clients, our world class leadership team and our commitment to hiring the best and the brightest at every level of the organization. With a focus on customer satisfaction and improving our Providers collections results we have been able to target our training efforts in order to maximize the skill sets of our associates to meet your needs. We believe in our mission to optimize operations. We have faith in our methodology because precision and thoroughness enhances efficiency. Instapayhealthcare always look to the opportunities of the future. Driving Value through Experience, Innovation and Consistency With deep domain expertise, our company partners and C-level management have a combined 50+ years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management Interface industry. We believe in building long term strategic partnerships and as a result we have long term customer relationships. Our business model gives us the ability to scale up rapidly, maintain cost and deliver a significant value arbitrage. We continue to find ways that enhance our operations as we seek out, collaborate and align with other best in class organizations. 

Our consistent approach to Practices  engagement ensures each of our partner’s unique needs and goals are always our priority. By engaging with our Providers directly and consistently we are able to offer the most appropriate solutions that maximize results, minimize costs and ensure compliance to their unique and ever changing work standards.

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