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Working with Instapay Healthcare Services is a cost of saving move because we have dedicated account managers and team members for all practice , we serve to provide them world class revenue cycle management services, wich helps your practice to focus and to put complete attention to your primary goals i.e patient care.

Positive effects working with Instapay Healthcare Services

Instapay Healthcare Services has strong hand of analytics to find unpaid claims and EOBs to correct and reprocess rejected claims to recover the amount due. Satisfactorily Our Practices see over 90% net collections increase in the first 30-45 days.

Quality Assurance

Instapay Healthcare Services is always serious with patient health information (PHI) security and privacy. That’s why we continuously train and monitor our revenue cycle management specialists to make sure they are complying with current PHI and HIPAA rules. We make sure to do strategic parameters of quality check, Which assures our practices of no breach in HIPAA compliance. we use your practice management system to prepare and transmit claims, post payments and run necessary reports.

Ease on Medical Coding

Instapay Healthcare Services has certified coders with extensive experience in all specialties and optical insurance coding and billing. Our coders has complete knowledge in ICD-10 coding, billing with code modifiers, electronic data interchange (EDI) processes, industry standards and maintaining 100% HIPAA compliance. instapayhealth adhere to strict coding and audit guidelines

Perfection in Claims filing and Payment posting

We post payments directly into your practice management system daily, so your accounts are accurate and up-to-date at all times. Instapay Healthcare Services works with ANY practice management software. We file all insurance claims marked for submission and verify receipt of claims with insurance companies. Once we file claims electronically, most of our practices see insurance payments in less than two weeks instead of the 3 to 4 weeks that top commercial payers take.

Transparency and Reporting

Your revenue cycle management specialist will provide you with weekly activity and financial reports so you’ll have insight into your accounts receivable status and bench marking data.