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 You lose more than 35% of practice revenue due to poor medical billing and revenue cycle management practices. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), the average cost of reworking a claim is $25. Closing these gaps requires spot-on attention to patient information, treatment, diagnostic codes, evolving billing rules and insurance regulations. At InstaPay Healthcare services, We’re experts in trapping all the details so your claims get submitted and paid correctly on time.

We have highly experienced and professional billing specialists, Certified coders will relieve your staff from the administrative hassle of processing and chasing down payments. Not only are they adept at Medical coding and billing processes, they’re also skilled in reading raw claim data—all the difference when it comes to resolving claim rejections and increasing your cash flow. On an average, Our clients see net collections increase by over 80-90% in the first 30-60 days. 

The Highest Standards



The privacy and safety of your data with HIPAA-compliant services is guaranteed —We make sure your patients’ protected health information (PHI) is always secure. 



We have a dedicated team of Account Managers to look after your unique needs. These account managers and there team are highly experienced, Professional and well aware of the current market needs. 

Focus on Details


Our quality check parameters has multiple layers to understand the patients financial journey, to know if the claims are submitted correctly for the first time and therefore paid quickly. 

Provider Satisfaction

We make sure definite increase in collection. We have our providers from different specialties with more than 90% increase in collections in a month or two. We believe to provide dedicated team for each providers we work for so that our customers should not face any miscommunication or any hassle with the services we offer. 

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Samantha Hoang, Seattle WA

"Outstanding service! We had an amazing increase in revenue." Working with Instapayhealthcareserices is such an ease. With in 30 days they have captured our account receivables so wonderfully and there is tremendous increase in revenue. For me Most recommended services. 

Dr Huy le Hoang, Seattle WA

"We have finally reached accurate billing and 100% claim resolution. We couldn't have done it on our own." Instapayhealthcareservices is always available with any need we have. There professional work attitude and prompt response has made me so happy. 

Dr Michelle Liu, Ohio

"With a service that is responsive, communicative, and involved, you can't go wrong with this team." Love the way instapayhealthcareservces works for us so affectionately. Honestly they have helped me with improved billing so quickly. Whole team is extremely knowledgeable and suggestive. They can handle any task on time and very responsive.

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